CentreStage Theatre Society
Improv  Workshop

A one-day, two-session workshop led by Ross Chapman.

Morning 9-12

 Offer and Acceptance: The basics of improvisation is to go along with the ideas of your fellow performers. Offering up a story or idea is just as important as accepting another offer, and performers will learn how this co-operation makes for a solid foundation of improv.

Afternoon 1-4

Risking and Losing: Building on making and accepting offers, we'll start working on how to use those offers and up the stakes by risking everything to make the idea work. With every committed idea, there is a chance of catastrophe, but sometimes that can work out to your advantage

General Information

Workshop Date: June 09, 2018

The Venue: Upper Performance Centre, CentreStage Theatre

The Cost to Participants: $25.00. 
CSTS members $20.00.

Number of participants: 6 to 15. Minimum of 6; maximum, 15. Should there be more than 15 registrations, Mr. Chapman will decide whether to allow for a slight increase, but not more than 20 in total.


Register on line at www.centrestagetheatre.ca.
Click on the Special Events tab and choose the Improv Workshop form.

About the Presenter: 
Ross Chapman has been learning and performing improvisation since the late Cretaceous period. He was a part of an ongoing improv group at Acadia University for over 13 years between the 90’s and early 2000s. He has studied with Albert Howell and Andrew Currie, Carolyn Davis, and Scott Thomas, but he promises to keep the anecdotes to a minimum and just get to the darn improv.


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