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Murdered to Death by Peter Gordon 
Run dates: February 22, 23, 

March 01, 02, 08, 09, 10 (m) 15, 16, 22, 23, 24 (m), 29, 30, 2019
14 shows (12 evening shows, 7:30 pm start; and two matinees, 2pm start)
Directors: Peter Booth & George Henry
Peter Booth and George Henry were asked to direct Murdered to Death, a comic murder mystery satire, at CentreStage and we have agreed.

Last year we used a different way to ‘attract’ potential cast members which involved sending out information about the play—the dates, the cast requirement, the directors (p&g), the Stage Manager (Elva Kelley), the producer (To be Named), etc. We’ll be sending this information via CentreStage Updates, our e-mail and website newsletter, and we’re sending it to some of you directly because we’ve worked with you before and/or because we would like to work with you.

We invite you to peruse the information that follows and, if you would like to audition for one of the roles, to let us know. We’ll be rehearsing January and February following a schedule that we create by factoring in your availability. If you wish to read a script, we have a few copies that we can make available.

Why are we sending this initial mail out now—in August? We know how busy everyone is and how quickly schedules fill up. We also know that there is more and more competition for actors.

Send us an e-mail, letting us know if you’re interested and available or send us an email to let us know that you’re not available and we’ll bother you no more…for this play, that is.
Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-670-9661 or 902-678-7947

The Play
The characters in Murdered to Death are all deliberately based upon ‘whodunnit’ stereotypes. Experience over many productions shows that the humour works best when they are played relatively ‘straight’. Ages are for guidance only and can be varied, provided that the overall balance is maintained.

The Cast
Mildred - Late fifties is the moderately wealthy owner of Bagshot House. 
Dorothy - Mildred’s niece. Late twenties and rather plain.
Bunting - The butler. Sixties. Pedantic and rather creepy.
Colonel Charles Craddock - Early sixties. Dresses in tweeds. Confident but blustering.
Margaret Craddock - The long-suffering but acerbic wife of Charles.
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington - Mid twenties. Attractive and stunningly dressed, she appears to be the sexy socialite.
Pierre Marceau - A “French” art dealer in his early thirties. He is an oily art broker with the most suzpishous French accent in zee vorld.
Joan Maple - A spinster in her sixties. Amateur sleuth and elderly busybody from the village whose appearances always coincide with a murder wherever she goes.
 Constable Thomkins - Young, bright, long suffering uniformed village policeman.
Inspector Pratt - a bumbling combination of Inspector Clouseau’s forensic incompetence with the verbal ineptness of Mrs. Malaprop, except those two were insightful compared to blithely clueless Pratt. His physical clumsiness is only exceeded by his endlessly changing or mangling of everyone’s names.

Some response about this play garnered from the internet…..
This was a blast to perform! Elizabeth was the first villain I'd gotten a chance to play, and it was a ton of fun. Everyone involved with the play enjoyed it, and the audience had a great time too.

I'd highly recommend this as a fun play for any theatre troop to perform.
Eight of us meet once a year and read a play while enjoying a good meal washed down by a nice claret. I was a bit nervous about this one as it contains a lot of slapstick and many of the jokes are very obvious. In fact, no joke is too obvious or corny to be included in the script. It was a huge success. With funny accents and all the nonsense, we had a wonderful evening. It took about two hours to read, which left plenty of chat-time.
This comic murder mystery satire is supremely silly with slapstick, overheated melodrama and an endless supply of verbal blunders … the giggles, chortles and cackles are proof that this trifle is undeniably entertaining. This collection of the usual suspects, Agatha Christie Division, contains a tight group of intentional stereotypes, each with so many intersecting backstories, secrets and motives that it may be hard to figure out who is going to be murdered first at this pleasant little weekend party. It’s replete with errant pistols, forged paintings, blackmail, an adulterous affair, an alluring last will and testament, acerbic putdowns and a good deal of sherry – how can you go too far wrong?

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