A Fine Monster You Are


Audition call for 'A Fine Monster You Are' (play runs between mid-September to early October, definitely during the Halloween season!). A comedy mystery/thriller. 2 male, 5 female actors needed. Directed by Bryen Tog Stoddard and Susan Monro.

See you Tuesday April 11 at 7 pm in the Upper Performance Centre.

'Another wild and hilarious Monk Ferris play! Sweet old Emily Holbrook is interviewing sweet young Suzette Larson for a job as secretary companion. She quietly explains that her ancient family mansion has only one window and that window is barred; that there is to be a seance that night; and that in back of the parlor drapes is a century old stone wall with a heavy oaken door littered with every known kind of lock plus a massive wooden crossbar all because there might be a misshapen creature of elemental horror sealed behind it! What happens to Suzette, to her semi-stalwart boyfriend, her former college roommate, the old housekeeper, the creepy doctor, and the utterly incredible medium who likes to work fast but likes overtime even better is beyond description. The lunacy extends to a mind boggling climax that delights audiences of all ages.'

Here are the characters (5 females, 2 males):

 Emily Holbrook: a rich recluse of upper middle age

Agatha: her even more ancient housekeeper

Suzette Larson: a desperate young college student

Corky Miller: Suzette’s would-be fiancé

Flax Dempter: Suzette’s former college roommate

Dr. Jonathan Starbuck: a medical man of odd dedication


Kyla Calladine: a lady with some peculiar gifts