Peggy and GracePeggy and Grace

A dramatic comedy by Canadian Playwright Bonnie Laing

Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:30pm August 11 to September 2

Sunday @ 2pm August 27

Retirees Peggy and Grace are alone and bored. Their husbands are deceased and their children are grown and gone. What to do? Why not sell all their worldly possessions, buy a Winnebago, and hit the open road in search of adventure? It's Thelma and Louise meets The Golden Girls when the two pick up a handy, and easy-on-the-eyes hitchhiker. His presence turns up the heat between the two retired widows who are slowly realizing that stuck in such close quarters, they may not be as compatible as they thought and discover that even the best of friends have secrets to hide.

A Fine Monster You AreA Fine Monster You Are

A Comedy by Monk Ferris

Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:30pm September 15 to October 14

Sundays @ 2pm September 24 and October 1

Another wild and hilarious Monk Ferris play! Sweet old Emily Holbrook is interviewing sweet young Suzette Larson for a job as secretary companion. She quietly explains that her ancient family mansion has only one window and that window is barred; that there is to be a seance that night; and that in back of the parlor drapes is a century old stone wall with a heavy oaken door littered with every known kind of lock plus a massive wooden crossbar all because there might be a misshapen creature of elemental horror sealed behind it! What happens to Suzette, to her semi-stalwart boyfriend, her former college roommate, the old housekeeper, the creepy doctor, and the utterly incredible medium who likes to work fast but likes overtime even better is beyond description. The lunacy extends to a mind boggling climax that delights audiences of all ages.



Scrooge: The Musical

By Leslie Bricusse directed by Thea Burton

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm November 3 to December 9

Sundays @ 2pm November 12 & 26