CentreStage Theatre Society
Actors' Workshop

A one-day, two-session workshop led by Cynthia Myers, writer, educator, composer, actor, vocalist.

The 10:00 am to 12:00 pm morning session is entitled False Starts and Loose Ends.
What do you know, and where are those little things you don’t know, that may be interfering with the process of moving into the character in the play and presenting that character as the playwright intended?

The craft of theatre is often illusive, and our successes lead us away from the very work we need to do. Go beyond what you learned in university, look at your hours spent on stage and assess where you want to go. Learn a few tricks of the trade and share some of your own in this two-hour workshop to clean up your act and re-evaluate the actor you are now.

Participants are asked to come prepared with a monologue that they may have performed on stage or one that they would like to perform and are able to do so in either case without script. For those who come without a monologue, Cynthia will provide a piece that will allow them to participate in the process. However, it will prove most beneficial if you come with something familiar and present that. In this way the response and suggestions will resonate more deeply, and you will have food for thought and suggestions/tricks that, if sincerely followed, may lead to your becoming a better actor.

The 1:00 to 3:00pm afternoon session is entitled, Because it’s all about the text, the text, the text.

How do they do it? Those amazing actors who seem to speak a thousand words with the turn of their head? Physical awareness. You can learn to express the action of the text and bring energy to any story you are telling or character you are creating. Begin with voice and facial expressions, then go beyond and use your whole instrument to stop acting from the neck up. Character driven physical awareness breathes life into any performance. It is hoped that most will register for both sessions; however, attending the first is not a prerequisite to participating in the second. Both will present a practical approach that will provide those who enter into the sessions fully with the motivation and the tools/tricks to practice and become the best actor that they can be.

General Information

Workshop Date: April 28

The Venue: Upper Performance Centre

The Cost to Participants: $20.00 per session; $40.00 for both.
CSTS members who attend both sessions $35.00.

Number of participants: 8 to 15. Minimum of 8; maximum, 15. Should there be more than 15 registrations, Ms. Myers will decide whether to allow for a slight increase, but not more than 20 in total.


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About the Presenter:
Cynthia has been a part of our CentreStage Summer Youth Drama Camps for several years and is presently working for the Chester Play After School Program as well as performing on stage in plays and as vocalist with the Cynthetics; a jazz combo specializing in vocally inspired pieces from 1940 onward.

A seasoned and experienced actor, Cynthia's favourite theatrical roles include: Mrs. Myers in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Dot in Sunday in the Park with George, Reno Sweeny in Anything Goes, Lola in Damn Yankees--Sally in Cabaret - 50 Million Frenchmen, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes--Parallel Lives, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and Little Shop of Horrors and the Queen in Cymbeline.

Cynthia is a five-time veteran of the fringe festival having worked both in the Victoria and the Seattle festivals. Her Fringe experience working with writers on new work ranging from the one woman show Straight Ahead, to playing the dope smoking villainess Mae in the musical adaptation of the film Reefer Madness, and an abused wife in The Man Next Door.

Ms. Myers continues to perform as an actor in the community, bringing her experience as a performer and the lessons learned in the Fringe Festivals to two pieces of collaborative theatre self-produced and staged at the Chester Playhouse.


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