Biggity Bad and the Three Little Pigs

A family show by Edith Weiss directed by Beth Irvine

Saturdays and Sundays @ 2pm September 9,10,16,17,23

Saturday @11am September 23

Higgelty, Piggelty, and Hamlet are three little lazy and mischievous pigs on Farmer Maggie’s farm. Bad intentioned Buzz the buzzard would like to see the pigs come to a tasty demise, so he convinces the lone wolf, Rolfie, to become Biggity Bad Wolf and go after the three pigs. Good-natured Rolfie is resistant to the idea, but Buzz convinces Rolfie that this will be the best way for him to gain acceptance in his wolf pack. When threatened by Biggity Bad, the pigs are left to their own devices by Farmer Maggie, who believes the pigs are making excuses about the wolf so they can get out of doing work on the farm. With houses of straw, sticks and stone, the pigs learn how to become productive members of the farm, and Rolfie learns that he doesn’t need to be bad, in order to find a family.