Weve got thisThe year 2021 has begun and still the curtain remains closed. However, CentreStage continues to focus on the future and the time when we can come together as a theatre community. And speaking of community, thank you to all who have supported us with donations and words of encouragement, the chats on the street, telling us how much we are missed. These words lift our spirits. May 2021 may a year of health and new openings. Be Strong. Be Safe. Be Kind.

CentreStage Theatre, the little theatre with the big heart t
ruly believes in the ‘give a little, get a little’ sentiment.  We have been longing to give our best to entertain you, and like you have been struggling with all the restrictions.  We can’t wait to get back to the stage, and get you back in our audience, but in the meantime we are pivoting to the new normal by presenting you with radio plays for your at-home listening pleasure. See our current selection of titles HERE.

As we craft new ways to entertain you in the times of Covid, in order to keep us moving forward, we have added a new feature to our webpage – a donations button.  If you like a challenge, we’ve even built in different levels… consider it your own personal Olympics!  You can donate at levels of bronze, silver, gold or platinum.  Aside from our undying love, you will also receive a tax receipt for any amount above $10. 

100plus100 Who Care Giving Group is a membership-based giving circle in the Annapolis Valley. The members meet four times a year, March, June, September, and December. $100 at a time, one member at a time, one meeting at a time and one deserving charity at a time.

On March 11th CentreStage made a presentation about installing hearing assistance technology in the theatres, and we were successful. CentreStage wishes to thank this group of community-minded people and we are so very
appreciated of their support.