SERIES SPECIAL: My Favorite Husband
My Favorite Husband is an old-time 1949+ comedy radio series about Liz and George Cooper who were billed as "two people who live together and like it".  We are proud to present a number of episodes in this collection.

valentine graphic
Dinner For Twelve
Join our old time radio couple, Liz and George Cooper, as Katy goes on vacation, leaving Liz to try to prepare a dinner for 12 with the help of her friend Iris Atterbury and a friendly delivery boy, all the while keeping her Mother-in-law in the dark about Liz's supposed cooking prowess. "

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Spring Cleaning
The Spring Cleaning episode finds Liz busy discussing the Spring house cleaning with Katy. While cleaning out George’s den Katy finds some old love letters of George's that Liz had written to him long ago. Despite Katy warning her that she’s playing with fire, Liz decides to have a bit of fun by 'sending' one of these old letters to George, telling him it arrived for him special delivery. George mistakenly thinks the love letter is from his new secretary (who has a crush on him) and now Liz is burning up about the supposed "other woman" in George’s life and decides to spy on him.

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Valentines Day
In this episode Katy, the Maid, is sweet on Mr. Dabney, the butcher, and Liz offers to help. But when Liz's valentine to George gets switched with her check to pay the butcher's bill, Mr. Dabney gets the wrong idea.
Curtains Radio Play final
by Colin Clements is a one-act romantic comedy from the late 1930s. Margaret Cameron, a dramatic stage actress, flees New York City for village life in a small boarding house. She hopes to entice her Producer, Robert, to follow her and, maybe, pop the question she’s been wanting for ten years! With Linda Levy Fisk as Margaret, Mike Butler as Robert, and Junie Hutchinson as Mrs. Keble, the landlady. Directed by Junie Hutchinson with Recording Engineers Tim Fisk and Bob Melanson. Poster was designed by Sharon Churchill Roe.
poster for NF Sherlock Holmes:  The Night Before Christmas
It's Christmas Eve and Dr. Watson gets to play Santa Claus for Mrs. Hudson's little nieces. Everything seems warm and cheery until Sherlock Holmes discovers a threatening letter from his old nemesis - Professor Moriarty! On the way to the party, Watson and one of Moriarty's henchmen accidentally switch Christmas sacks when both are dressed as Santa Claus. Sherlock calls in Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard and they race through London to save Watson and everyone at the party!
poster for NF Sherlock Holmes:  The Case of the Neglected Farm
It’s the early 1980s and Stamford Holmes resides in London in the shadow of his famous grandfather, Sherlock Holmes. Lavishly living on Sherlock's fortune, he reluctantly agrees to do some work as a consulting detective - if only to provide 'Doctor' Watson with material for the Sunday papers.  Watson, on the other hand, brings all the bumbling enthusiasm he can muster to their new cases, forever aping and quoting both their grandfathers - and wielding a magnifying glass.  In The Case of the Neglected Farm, Holmes and Watson travel to Dorset to aid a woman in danger.
poster Tolling Bell Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tolling Bell 
We will transport the listening audience to a world of intrigue and fun as Sherlock and Watson solve The Adventure of the Tolling Bell. Filled with all the brilliant elements of early radio plays, this production is sure to delight stay at home audiences throughout the valley! You can't keep eager actors or detectives from producing and solving a mystery! 
Snow Goose Poster The Snow Goose
We are pleased to present "The Snow Goose" just in time for Remembrance Day. This musical adaptation is performed by three local youth.

CentreStage wishes to thank Tim Fisk, Shaun Whynacht, Kathy Walker, Bob Melanson and Kevin Estey for all their technical support during this time of Corona!