poster Tolling Bell


It’s the early 1980s and Stamford Holmes resides in London in the shadow of his famous grandfather, Sherlock Holmes. Lavishly living on Sherlock's fortune, he reluctantly agrees to do some work as a consulting detective - if only to provide 'Doctor' Watson with material for the Sunday papers.

Watson, on the other hand, brings all the bumbling enthusiasm he can muster to their new cases, forever aping and quoting both their grandfathers - and wielding a magnifying glass.

In The Case of the Neglected Farm, Holmes and Watson travel to Dorset to aid a woman in danger.

We truly believe in ‘give a little, get a little’.  We have been longing to give our best to entertain you, and like you have been struggling with all the restrictions.  We can’t wait to get back to the stage, and get you back in our audience.  As we craft new ways to entertain you in the times of Covid, in order to keep us moving forward, we have added a new feature to our webpage – a donations button.  If you like a challenge, we’ve even built in different levels… consider it your own personal Olympics! 

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