Interested in theatre but don’t have time for a full run?  This may be for you!  CentreStage is having their Spring Fundraiser April 14th and 15th and we need cast for the show “The Altos”, an interactive musical comic mystery.  Auditions will be held Tuesday Feb 7th and Wednesday Feb 8th at 6pm-8pm (you don’t need to attend both nights).  Questions?  Contact the director, Mindy, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


·              Tony Alto – Male, apparent age 30s+
·         Toffee Alto – Tony’s wife, apparent age 30s+
·         Chris – Tony’s nephew
·         Uncle Senior – older looking than Tony :-)
·         Nona – Tony’s mother, older looking than Tony :-)
·         Dr Malaise – Tony’s ‘shrink’
·         Father Flip/Delivery Man – Father Flip has the 'hots' for Toffee (Delivery Man is a small role)

Hopefully you can already tell that this will be a fun show!